Paint & Possibilities On Wheels

We Bring the Painting Party to You! 

Want a small personal gathering in your home? Looking for a fundraiser to be held at your church? No matter the occasion or location, we can bring the FUN to you! We specialize in Mobile Painting Parties – its how we started our business – and no one does it better!

Hosting an Event is Easy!


It’s easy to host a mobile painting party! You provide the location and invite your favorite people to join in the fun! Provide tables and chairs, choose the project you wish to complete, and plan for refreshments!


We bring the fun to your location! We provide a full service canvas party for any size group. We work with you to customize your event and provide table cloths and floor coverings as needed. We do all the set up & help with clean up at the end of the party.


Pricing is based on the type of project you’d like to have at your event and the amount of people expected to participate. We offer Canvas Painting, Wood Project Options, and even can work with you to create a custom piece upon request!

We do mobile events for Adults and Children for all occasions and we will travel to your location.

Please note: Additional Travel & Set Up Fees May Apply. *See below for details.

Additional Information

What is Included?

We provide all art supplies including paint, easels, canvases, brushes, water cups, paper towels, and aprons. We even bring music with us and will work with you for any additional items you’d like to include in your event!

Table cloths and floor coverings are available upon request. We do our best to ensure your location is safe from painting accidents, but we do require all host venues to sign a waiver.

How Many People Do I Need To Have?

There is a Minimum Requirement of 8 Participants for a Mobile Event. At this time, to reserve a Friday or Saturday evening event you must have 15+ participants.

Pricing & Participant Requirements are different for Fundraisers. Please visit that page for details.

Deposits & Travel Fees

Our fees for travel and set up can range from $20 to $85 depending on the size and location of the event. You will know your fee before committing to an event with us!

Once you commit to an event, a deposit is required. If you cancel your event, the deposit is non-refundable.

How Far Will You Travel?

Paint & Possibilities stays mostly in the Effingham, Chatham, and Bryan County areas of Georgia. However, we can travel up to 65 miles for the nominal fees listed above to compensate the artist for their travel time and fees.

Want to host your own event but don’t have the space?

Contact us and we can help! We can host events in a lot of different locations..and we work will with you to give you some ideas.

What If I Need To Cancel My Event?

Please review our Cancellation Policy for Mobile Events.