Teach at Paint & Possibilities

Do you paint, craft, or have an artistic skill you’d like to share? Does teaching and demonstrating to others your art sound fun to you? We are always interested in meeting with talented artists to teach their craft at our studio. 

We are open to all kinds of art and craft classes… Show Us What You Do!


We are looking for artists that exhibit the following:

  • Artistic Skills
  • Willingness & Desire to Share Talents
  • Fun & Engaging Personality
  • Team Player
  • Comfortable Speaking in Large Groups
  • Can Teach their Craft in easy step by step processes
  • Approachable & ability to assist others
  • Flexible
  • Business Minded


Please complete the online inquiry form provided to let us know you are interested in exploring an opportunity to work with us. Attach photos or a website address where we can view your work an d give us as much information as possible.

If we are interested in you and your work and feel our studio space and tools can accommodate your needs, we will request a time to meet and discuss a potential working relationship.  

If you don’t hear from us…

Sometimes its not about you or your talent, its about our limited Studio space, customer interest, and our inability to provide the tools/supplies you may need. As we grow, these limitations can change and we could reach out to you in the future to explore your interest level. We will keep you and your art on file for future opportunities.


Will I be responsible for my own supplies and those of my students?

We are willing to work with you on supplies and provisions for the class as needed. We address this individually with each of our artists. 

Do I have to have my own class plan and/or curriculum?

Yes. It’s your talent and your students. As a teacher, you will be expected to have a breakdown of what you want to teach, how you want to convey that information to your students, and the best way to approach & engage your students in your class. We can assist you in this process if you need help. 

What will I be paid?

Yes. You are paid for sharing your skills and talents with our customers. We can work together to discuss the options based on several factors: what you want for your time, cost of supplies/tools, and student enrollment. 

Will I be an Employee?

No. Paint & Possibilities is not offering full time employment at this time. We are looking for talented people who are interested in working as a guest artist at our studio. To start, you are treated as a contract employee, receiving a 1099 at the end of the year. 

However, you will be expected to sign a teaching contract for the duration of your class or program offering. The contract includes a non-compete disclosure.


Please complete the Online Inquiry Application by clicking the provided button below. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We’re excited to hear from you!