IMPORTANT INFO: THANK YOU FOR ALL THE ORDERS! Due to DEMAND and our need to cut wood to meet the requested orders – PLEASE wait to hear from us before coming to the studio to pick up your order. We will TEXT YOU with questions & to confirm your order is ready for pick up! We are trying to have orders available within 48 hours of your request!

Art -2-Go Pick Up Order Form
  • Name*full name here
  • Cell Phone (we will be texting you)*Please wait to get a text from us BEFORE arriving at studio
  • Confirm Cell Number*
  • Email*
  • Please Review Provided Menu to Order
  • Project Options Desired:*Please list the SHAPE, SIZE, and QUANTITY of each item you would like to order.EX: 2 Medium Unicorn Heads, 3 mini eggs, 2 mini rabbits
  • If Items are out of stock - can we make substituitions for you?*select one or more
  • If YES - Please list additional shape options you would be okay with?*
  • Any "Add Ons "Needed?*List all items you'd like added to your overall order. If more than 1 of an item is needed, please let us know. If adding paint cups - list colors individually.Ex: 1 Adhesive Glue, 2 Gem Cups, 2 Glitter Cups, & Paint Cups: red, black, white, turquoise, sjk blue, light green, bright yellow.
  • IMPORTANT: Due to demand, we are needing to cut wood to fill orders. WE WILL TEXT YOU WITH ANY ORDER CHANGES & TO LET YOU KNOW WHEN YOUR ITEMS are ready for pick up.